First month down!!

It’s weird to think that I have already been here so long, but at the same time I wouldn’t say that it went fast. If anything this month has been slow but very eventful.

Two weeks ago I arrived in Graz and met my host family for the first time. They are amazing and I feel right at home. It was really nice to be able to settle in somewhere and super duper nice to have a closet after all that time living out of a suitcase!

I had about a week left of summer holidays when I arrived in Graz so I spent most of the time exploring and doing different stuff. I met up with a friend who showed me around Graz and we did some sightseeing. I also went to the opera with my Host Mom and Sister. It was surprisingly really good, and the building was gorgeous.

I started school last Monday and it was very confusing at first because I kept switching classes, but now I think I will stay in the 7th class because there are more people my age. Kids here are very different than in St. Albert. I knew it would be hard making friends but I thought it would be because of the language barrier. Turns out it is not just that, people just aren’t that interested in new students. I really had to approach people if I wanted to talk to them. Which was fine but sometimes I am so exhausted I just don’t want to spend the energy. It is hard always trying to understand a new language. It is either my brain never stops or I just zone out. Trying to make friends in a foreign country really makes you appreciate your friends back home and how easy it is to be around them and to fit in with them.

This weekend was a Rotary hiking weekend in the mountains. It was the best! The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely amazing. This weekend was also the first time that the oldies(kids from Australia or New Zealand who are almost done their exchange) and newbies got to meet each other officially. I had met most of my oldies in Altmünster but I still got to meet a few new people! I was so happy to see all of the exchange kids again but it was really hard to say goodbye to them all at the train station yesterday. Just got to get through the next few weeks until I see them all again in Vienna!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Graz Opera House


Festival in Graz
My house


Where Mozart was born

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