Blog for March – Eighth Month in Austria!!

I have to write this blog a little early because I will be in Italy for my 8th month mark in Austria! This is all going by wayyyyy to fast. I just looked in my calendar and I only have four free weekends left in this country that has now become my home. I feel pressured to do everything that I want to get done. There are so many things that I want to see before I go. Mostly things that I have seen once before but wish I could go back and experience them again. The summer months in Austria allow for so many activities and last-minute bucket list travelling but right now I am enjoying spring. I think this is the first real spring I have ever had. No snow or mud, clean streets, above 20 weather, and gorgeous blooming trees everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Whenever I go walking, I can smell the flowers in the air and I wake up every morning to that same smell and the birds singing through my window. It is so beautiful here that I needed to document it somehow, so I finally convinced my parents to let me buy a camera to use while I am here. It has become my new hobby and I have spent the last week learning to use it. Photography can be very complicated! This week I joined another German class after school. I am now aiming for the B1 German test in May or June. I have been doing lots of activities with my host family including lots of walking and weekend day trips. I have also started swimming lanes with my host dad after school! I actually really love it and I have an hour with a trainer after school this Friday! It reminds me so much of going to the pool with my Dad back home when I was younger. Swimming is also a nice break from running every day, and makes exercising more interesting. Things with this host family could not be better, I am really going to miss them when I leave. I really feel like I have a life here in Austria now, despite how I feel about my school. I can feel everyday passing by like a ticking clock reminding me I only have limited time left here in this country. However, I am spending my time well! On Saturday I leave for Florence!! We also visit Viareggio, Pisa, and Siena as well as other fun day trips including a cooking course in an Italian school! After I get back from Italy, I spend a few days with my host family for my host brother’s 12thbirthday and then I head off to upper Austria to visit my friends they’re and the first families that hosted me here. After spending five days there visiting, I will take the train back to Graz and attend school for a week. Then, it’s Euro Tour and first stop, Belgium! So many exciting things coming up for me here, and I am trying to keep up and enjoy it because I know it is not long now before I am heading home.


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